Geo Engine and Instance system

This is the adaptation work of this features from L2J Server High Five to aCis. Now you can a chance to implement the any good things from higher chronicles into the aCis Interlude server. In particular: HF Olympiad system with 4 staduims, Kamaloka, Pailaka, SSQ Epic quests and many other dungeons. The L2J geo engine give the chance to use the fences and door in not only the one instance. Also this engine didn’t have any problem with pathfinding and wrong layer definition.

Geo Engine features:

  • Uses *.l2j files only. Not need more pathnode files. Pathfinding works directly from geodata;
  • Added pathfinding with uses «clear» cells — avoided stucks in obstackle’s angles;
  • Added supporting doors in another instances;
  • Added processing fences in geodata;
  • Fixed fishing via bridge’s fences.

Price: 65 €

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