Changesets #13

  • Deleted hidden layer in 23_14 block for resolving stucks in one frоzen lake;

Changesets #12

  • Fixed Broken Waterfall hunting zone. Multilayer collision;
  • Little fixes of Aaru Forterss, Narsell Fortress, Hive Fortress, White Sands Fortress, Ivory Fortress, Borderland Fortress.

Changesets #11

  • Fix Dark Omens entrance;
  • Cleanup Elven Village;
  • Continue cleanup Oren Town;
  • Full cleanup Gludio Town;
  • Cleanup Garden of Eva;
  • Fix Talking Island Village (obelisk in the center) ty Hasha;
  • Revert Tower of Insolence (drop the forced walls).

Changesets #10

  • Cleanup all duplicate cells;
  • Cleanup and fix doors and walls in Giran, Beast Farm, Schuttgart, Dion.

Changesets #9

  • Removed unused layer below the entrance to the Imperial Tomb;
  • Cleaning the castle Aden continues. Edit passages and the pedestal to the artifact;
  • Added real wall for rooms on the ground floor of the Tower of Insolence. Now the monsters will not attack through walls. (Tested only in aCis server)

Changesets #8

  • Minor changes the Hunter Village;
  • Full clenup of Aden completed. Possible little fixes in future;
  • Start editing Cruma Tower;
  • Start editing Castle of Aden;
  • Minor fixes in Cruma Mashland;
  • Start editing Pagan Temple;
  • Fixed potencial bug when character moves from the keyboard (deleted nearby layer) under the central stair of Aden.

Changesets #7

  • Edited all 14 olympic stadium;
  • Start global editing Tower of Insolence;
  • Edited Talking Island Village;
  • Cleanup Sedrick’s Training Hall;
  • Edited bridge between Talking Village and Training Hall;
  • Cleanup Einhasad School.

Changesets #6

  • Fixed missing layers in stores Dion Town (ty Sido);
  • Continued edits Town of Aden – stairs and perimeter;
  • Fixed a bug when entering the cave with the Baraham (the quest for a noble);
  • Editing MDT;
  • Editing the entrance of Heretic Catacombs;
  • Start editing the Catacombs of Branded;
  • Fixed bridge in the north of Gludio Town (ty Tryskell).

Changesets #5

  • Rework and cleanup Warehouse in Town of Oren;
  • Edit the central stairs of Oren;
  • Edited the walls of Oren;
  • Edit the Olympic Stadium;
  • Start the editing Elven Ruins;
  • Cleanup dual walls in Innadril Castle;
  • Edit invisible mountains in the Maille Lizardman Barrack (this bug is present in all chronicles since Scions of Destiny).

Changesets #4

  • Full rework Gludin Village (Completed)
  • Little fixes the Gludin Harbor
  • Full rework Giran Castle Town
  • Rework Giran Arena

Changesets #3

  • Edit Cruma Tower and around area;
  • Edit room of raid boss Core and his floor;
  • Start editing Imperial Tomb (entry, main hall, more);
  • Continued editing town of Oren;
  • Continued editing and cleanupGludin village (Dark Elven and Warrior guilds, 2 Clanhalls, etc);
  • Editing Giran Harbor;
  • Edit entry into the Catacombs of the Branded.

Changesets #2

  • Edit doors of buildings in Aden;
  • Hotfix of ladders and descents, as well as cleaning of debris the perimeter of the city of Aden;
  • Cleanup Pa’agrio Temple;
  • Edit doors of buildings in Orc Village;
  • Cleanup Orc Village;
  • Edit Giran Castle;
  • Cleanup and edit enter into the Martyrdom Necropolise;
  • Edit Dwarven Village and adjacent areas.

Changesets #1

  • Cleaning the Gludin Village (the main passageways, stairs, the outlines of buildings);
  • Cleaning the Oren Castle Town (the main passageways, stairs, the outlines of buildings);
  • Fix the oldest bug on the Devil’s Isle;
  • Little cleaning the Devil’s Isle;
  • Cleaning the Einhasad Temple (Talking Island Village);
  • Edit passages in the Warehouse, Warrior Guild, Weapons and Armor shop (Talking Island Village);
  • Cleaning the perimeter of Talking Island Village;
  • Edit and cleaning perimeter, stairs, passageways and main streets of Giran;
  • Edit doors and passages in the Warehouse, Weapons Shop, Grocery Shop, Luxury Shop, Dark Elf Guild, Blacksmith, Einhasad Temple (Giran Castle Town).