• Kamael race only for GM characters;
  • Added new parameters: Fame, PvP/PvE Deaths;
  • Available only 80 levels (Interlude like).


  • Deleted Kamael race from character create window;
  • Deleted Vitality system;
  • Deleted retail Community Board with many tabs. For usage available simple HTML pages.


  • Available all items from High Five client: agathions, armor and weapn (S80,S84 -> S-Grade now), Fake Armor have unique slot in inventory (is not DressMe feature), etc.


  • Gludio Airship Harbor now is basical GM goddies;
  • Drop Gracia continent, Kamael Isle, Isle of Prayer, Hellbound Isle;
  • Downgrade Dragon Valley, Plains of Lizardmans and other new locations from Gracia Epilogue and higher chronicles down to Interlude. SSQ Saga’s quest locations not touched (Gracia Epilogue -> High Five 5);
  • Drop all Kamael Guilds from all towns and villages;
  • Available all fortresses. They are now is siegable;
  • Fantasy Island is fun, event place;
  • Olympiad Stadiums stay like HF5;
  • Kamaloka not touched and staying in project.


  • Many good new quests from highers chronicles (for mid rate and low rate servers);
  • SSQ Saga’s quest line is here.


  • Available all pets and servitors from High Five chronicles.