It’s my personal Dev blog with Demo/Free/Paid works and completed products. I have free time. Ready for the Java developing of interest addons, features and bug fixes (optional) for L2J projects.

Terms of cooperation:

  • Working only with L2J Server forks;
  • Priority chronicle — Interlude, possible the others;
  • I do not work for food and for free;
  • I’m not a teacher and do not teaching;
  • Preferably use SVN repository from your side for fast writing and avoid all potencial problems with adaptation my addons;
  • Possible continous support the live projects (with SVN use only);
  • Language: English/Russian (not matter);
  • Communication through Skype/Discord (possible Email);
  • I don’t uses of minimal work’s price. All by situation. The main criterial it’s price of time;
  • I work only with full sources via your SVN as team member with WR or RO (in this case you get diff patch) rights. If you cares about leaks, then buy Java book and learn L2J architecture;
  • I don’t work with compiled projects for fix and add something.


My knowledge:

  • Java Skill — 146% success;
  • L2J Architecture — 146% success;
  • L2OFF Architecture — 146% success;
  • Lineage 2 Client — 146% success;
  • PHP, MySQL, XML, JavaScript, CSS — 146% success;
  • Lineage 2 Gameplay — 146% success not matter, if you got the own L2OFF test server.