Lineage 2 Crypt

Simple tool for encode and decode Lineage 2 files. Fully support original Lineage 2 file format like as legacy L2EncDec tool. Program support drag and drop files and folders what give more usability for encrypt and decrypt multiple Lineage 2 files all-at-once.

Supporting next crypt versions:

  • 111 – *.int, *.u, *.uix, *.unr, *.uax, *.ukx, *.usk, *.htm, *.html
  • 121 – *.bmp, *.usx, *.utx
  • 413 – *.dat

Encoding version selection by extension automatically. For 111 and 121 versions uses original XOR algorithm. For 413 version uses L2EncDec RSA keys. Drag and Drop file(s) or folder(s) into program window and crypted/decrypted file will be locates in the same place with prefix “enc-” or “dec-” for single file task. For multiple files/folders task you get dialog window with choose output folder for encrypted/decrypted files/folders.

Important! Program not support original NC Soft *.dat files with using vanilla RSA cryptography keys. Seeing no point for implement this feature because you can use l2encdec tool for decode patch this files.


  • Initial program version.

Download: Lineage 2 Crypt

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