L2D Geodata Converter

Original L2D converter from aCis gameserver sources (rewritten for C# style). Moved from console release to Windows Form style. Added auto detecting source geodata format.

Release versions: [7 February 2018]


  • Syncronized with aCis Changeset #1785 (GeoDataConverter fix check condition for NWSE correction).


  • Syncronized with aCis Changeset #1261 (GeoDataConverter diagonals flags must be validated in both direction).


  • Optimized source code for multi-threading;
  • Added multi-threading (x2 times faster);
  • Added percentage of progress in application title;
  • Added progress notification to application icon in task bar (ONLY for Windows 7 OS and above);
  • Reworked Hasha’s object model. Not for faster implementation and has low performance.

Actual version: [19 April 2020]

Download L2D Geodata Converter v.

NOTE! This tool not actual for aCis anymore since the last Geo Engine rework. And i stopped to develop and support this tool.

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