Lineage 2 Updater

Available two variants of updater – CT1 and GoD styles. All PSD sources included. Also exist configuration file for changing positions of elements of form for customisation. Edit updater can be with Restorator or another resource editor. Programm was written on Delphi. Package contains: updater, configurator, patch builder, server side Web and official author documentation.

Author: Hek0 aka ZerG^_^
Web Page: (unavailable)

Download Lineage 2 Updater.

Attention: the last Avast version detects in file “настройка обновления.exe” Mailware-gen. Few years ago he didn’t find anything. Virus Total scan.

2 thoughts on “Lineage 2 Updater

    • You need at first run configurator for setup Updater to your domain. In second run builder and make a patch. After upload patch by specified domain and use Updater then.

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