Socks5 Proxy Server

Next guid helps you to install simple Socks5 proxy on Debian server in few steps. Proxy can be use for Telegram app, browser alternative gate or for another network application who supports proxy configuration.

Installing Dante package.

apt-get install dante-server

Configure server in /etc/danted.conf (delete existing code and insert this):

logoutput: stderr
internal: eth0
port = 1080
external: eth0

socksmethod: username
user.privileged: root
user.unprivileged: nobody
user.libwrap: nobody

client pass {
        from: 0/0
        to: 0/0
        log: error

socks pass {
        from: 0/0
        to: 0/0
        log: error


socksmethod: username – use system users for proxy authorization.

user.privileged: root – use root access for load passwords.

Next step – create special nologin (this user restricted to SSH access) user.

useradd –shell /usr/sbin/nologin proxyuser

Setup user password.

passwd proxyuser

Add into autorun proxy server.

systemctl enable danted

Run service.

service danted start


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